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Sing Over Cancer

Sing Over Cancer is a year long effort on behalf of J  Bender Entertainment Group and it's partners to join the fight in researching and eradicating this dreaded disease.  Instituted in April 2010 in Bowling Green, KY, Sing Over Cancer is a consistent endeavor to collect funds which are donated to the American Cancer Society.  After our first year in Bowling Green we moved the rapidly growing event to Gallatin, Tennessee where we hold an annual year end close out concert to wrap up a year of fundraising. This concert has boasted both local and national artists and is supported by our partners: First Baptist Church Gallatin, R&R Productions, Tonya Osborne Photography, and IMAC as well as a host of private donors.  All year long we accept donations as well as offer signature J Bender T-Shirts in classic cancer fighting colors ( black and pink-see our Merchandise page).  We will continue our working assault against cancer as we exercise our faith knowing that faith without works is dead.


Please join us in the fight as we LIFT EVERY VOICE and SING OVER CANCER!!!

The purpose of Dr. Bobby Jones’ Music Matinee at The Fontanel is to bring a new awareness to our diverse communities that Nashville is not just country music.  The matinee will offer a vast genre of music, comedy, and spoken word to an eclectic audience.  The logistics of the show are as follows:


  • The show is taped for television (IMPACT Network)

  • Start time will be 4pm with a load in time of 3pm

  • Event will be held every 3rd Sunday of the month


The Music Matinee is a monthly production created and coordinated by J. Bender Entertainment Group and Tonya Osborne Photo & Design.



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